Here we go again with beautiful brown eyed women with sexy blonde hair! They say that blondes have more fun, and in the case of Christina it's true! Not only does she have fun, but she has fun sucking cock!

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christina licking the shaft of a huge cock

Christina Sucking Cock

Down on her knees she goes, with a cock in her mouth... She really loves sucking cock off! It's like it's her natural position!

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Christina Giving Head

If blondes have more fun, that must carry over to when they are blowing cock, right? Seems like Christina is having a lot of fun with cock in her mouth!

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Christina Loves Cum Swallowing

A woman never looks hotter than when they are swallowing cum... And this is something Christina handles with ease! She just really loves cum swallowing jizz!

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Christina Deep Throating Cock

Ah, if only all women could deep throat like this... Christina knows what we like and she knoes exactly how to deliver it too!

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Christina Licking Balls

Have you ever seen a woman deep throat cock and lick the nut sack at the same time? This is something Christina loves doing!

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Christina Loves Jizz

All women should love jizz as much as Christina does.... She takes a nice huge load of jizz in her mouth and gets ready to swallow it down, but before she does she poses for a picture like a good little oral slut!

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